Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick/Easy Dinner - Cucina Italia Gnocchi Pomodoro con Gorgonzola


Gnocchi Pomodoro con Gorgonzola

Great quick meal that is hearty.

1 lbs Potato Gnocchi
1 Tbsp. Olive Oil
½ cup water

½ pound Gorgonzola Cheese cubed
½ pound chopped walnuts

1 jar Cucina Italia Pomodoro

Heat 1 Tablespoon oil in skillet, and sauté gnocchi until lightly browned.

Add Cucina Italia Pomodoro and water and cook covered over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Add gorgonzola and walnuts and quickly toss with gnocchi and sauce.
Serve immediately on warmed plate. Garnish with fresh chopped basil and serve with a balsamic vinaigrette salad.
SERVES 4 -6 
Soon I will post a recipe for Gluten Free Gnocchi

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